The VUMA line and other rental fees will be included in the Service Provider's fees to you

What should I expect to pay?

VUMA is Open Access. Service Providers create their own packages over VUMA fibre and you will need to check their current offerings on the VUMA portal. You will be able to sign up to a service once connected to the VUMA network and your in-home installation is completed.

Click on the image below to go to the VUMA Portal

Where can I find the Service Provider’s prices?

When you connect your devices to VUMA's fibre the VUMA Portal will appear in your browser listing all the prices and services of the Service Providers that are available. You will be able to select your service from a Service Provider and in most cases this will be active within 20 seconds from completing the order.

You can view the current packages on offer by going to the VUMA Portal.


What is the duration of the contract?

The contract durations will vary from month-to-month to a fixed period and depend on the contract that you have chosen. The duration of the contract and all cancellation fees will be clearly stated  in the Terms and Conditions of your Service Provider. 

Once Off Fees

Once off fees are charged for installations, the activation of a service or for cancellation of a service where applicable

Installation Fee – R 1,710

This fee is charged by VUMA or an accredited installer for installing the fibre from your boundary to inside your home. This price includes the CPE (Consumer Premises Equipment) device fixed to the wall inside your home to which you can connect your devices. 


Connection Fee – Variable

This fee will be included in the first invoice from your Service Provider and is charged for connecting a service for the first time. It is dependent on duration of the contract, if a device for example a VOIP phone is included in the package etc.

Cancellation Fees – Variable

In some cases cancellation fees may be applicable if you want to cancel a service earlier than the contract period. These will be part of the Terms and Conditions of your agreement with the Service Provider and will be subject to the Consumer Protection Act. 

Internet Service Packages

Once your line has been installed you can choose any service from a number of Internet Service Providers. Browse the VUMA Catalogue to learn more about these deals.